The Old Reliable Press

Relive the dream!

The Old Reliable Press takes its name from and honors the venue where so many of the most exciting Off-Off-Broadway talents worked in the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

The Old Reliable Theatre Tavern was located in the back room of a bar on East 3rd Street between Avenues B and C in  New York’s Alphabet City. A dangerous neighborhood then, it was best characterized by a popular actor-director Neil Flanagan: “It’s easy to find. Turn left at the burning automobile.”


Off-Off-Broadway gave us the black box and decentralized theatre. Thousands of plays were given life during that  remarkable time. Very few are available today. The goal of The Old Reliable Press is to publish and preserve some of the more significant works from early Off-Off, and to make them readily available to the world.

Publications are conceived as practical working tools, with easily readable typefaces and decent-sized fonts, generous margins, ample space for production notes, and are designed to be inexpensive. The growth of e-books and other online reading resources allows us to make publications available at very low prices.

The Old Reliable Press is focused on offerings plays from the early and formative years of Off-Off-Broadway, the movement that indelibly changed the theatrical landscape.


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