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Memory Lane Talk to us here

Robert Patrick

Off-Off’s most prolific playwright is now its foremost archivist, and seems to be one of the few who understand the proper spelling ofplaywright.

For an astonishing wealth of photos from the Caffe Cino, along with some side-trips to other early OOB venues:

And here Mr Patrick shows you what we wore at the time:


Michael McGrinder
Playwright, poet, novelist, essayist. Enjoy his poetry and other writings atmichaelmcgrinder.com

La MaMa

The venerable and sole survivor of the early OOB “plants”. Founder Ellen Stewart died at the age of 91 in 2011. It will be interesting to see where the new young management takes it.



Peculiar Works Projects

The most dynamic theatre people working today are also great champions of early Off-Off-Broadway, having conducted a two-year reading series of early Off-Off works and walking tours with excerpts from 25 early Off-Off-Broadway plays segueing almost seamlessly into each other. They are now focusing on new, often site-specific, works.



Doric Wilson

His And He Made a Her was one of the earliest plays (1961) produced at the Caffe Cino. Let Doric’s site tell you about it. You can also download copies of Doric’s plays here.



An astonishing list of more than 158,000 plays written or translated into English since the original production of Look Back In Anger in 1956. Over 46,000 playwrights are represented. Listings are free. Are your plays listed?

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