Phoebe Wray

PW as Marie Antoinett         Wray, Phoebe

as Marie Antoinette
  in JOSEF BUSH's 
    French Gray

Phoebe Wray

January 1935 – September 2016

Phoebe Wray was very busy during Off-Off-Broadway’s Golden Years, as an actress, director and playwright working at Caffe Cino, La Mama, Caffe Cino, The Playwright’s Workshop and The Old Reliable.

She then enjoyed a long and distinguished career of teaching History of the Theatre and Cultural History. A prolific writer, Ms Wray has several novels available through Amazon.

In 2006 at The Boston Conservatory, she produced A Place to Say Something: A Celebration of the Off-Off-Broadway Movement of the 60’s, an exciting retrospective of plays, panels and workshops.

For ten years Phoebe Wray was an international environmentalist, with a specialty in educational material on marine mammals and endangered species, serving three times on the official US delegation to the International Whaling Commission meeting.



The Mulberry Bush

Drama / One act                   10f



$0.99 KINDLE

There is no set other than the landscape of the heart.
Ten women, each unaware of the others, range in age
from 18 to 86, in lifestyles from hip, chic, studious,
and sophisticated to deeply religious—a secretary, a
student, a housewife, a real estate broker, a grand lady
in her declining years, and a nun.
In a series of monologues delivered as single
instruments that occasionally make an accidental
chord, they reveal their hopes, their disappointments,
their loves, what holds them back, what keeps them going.


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