Robert Patrick

Coffeehouse Chronicles #140:

Robert Patrick

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ROBERT PATRICK from his One-Person Show

Robert Patrick was early Off-Off-Broadway’s most prolific and most produced playwright. His work found welcome at the Caffe Cino, La Mama, The Old Reliable, Playwrights Workshop Club, The Open Space, Stonewall Repertory Company and many many other venues. He is best-known commercially for Kennedy’s Children which played Broadway in 1975. He has also been a major influence in gay theatre, and was awarded the Robert Chesley Foundation Award for Lifetime Achievement in Gay Playwrighting . Other awards include the Show Business Award for the 1968-69 season and Glasgow Citizens Theatre Best World Playwrighting Award, 1973. He lives now in Los Angeles and is enjoying new productions of his work, old and new.

Treat yourself to a look at his Wikipedia pageRobert Patrick (playwright) for a bounty of links to show-photos, scripts, poems and songs, along with any number of riches.

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Four one-acts by Robert Patrick, early Off-Off-Broadway’s most produced playwright.

Three castaways in Un Bel Di (3 m or 3 f), more at-sea than they realize, find that their temperaments are more difficult to deal with than the elements.

Oooooops!!! (2 m.) is iconic of the sixties when the word peace was confrontational, and so a young man is killed in front of Congress for impudence.

In Tarquin Truthbeauty (1 m, 1 f), two scientists from a world-wide conspiracy attempt to destroy all beauty.

Simultaneous Transactions (2 m, 2 f, 4 children) returns to the anti-war sentiment of the time, with children being taught to hate by parents who may not realize what they’re doing.

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